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3D Humansect 2014  Rig Going Up Day at Leftbank


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Leftbank Show

Humansect 2014 Rehearsals Leftbank

Urban Angels Circus dusting off and putting up their awesome 10 metre high Arched Rig for Humansect rehearsals.


As is the custom with Aerial shows, the performers are very much part of the Rigging process, working with the technical crew to develope their practical & professional knowledge in the process.


The Rig was assembled and put up over the course of the first day and made true and climbable on the day after.


Becky Truman, sculptress & ex-Artistic Director of 'Skinning The Cat', and previous owner of the rig works with Urban Angel Circus Artistic Director Deborah Sanderson and her team to complete the job.

Humansect Rig Going Up, Leftbank, Leeds. Cross-View Stereo Pairs

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Anaglyph (Red/Cyan Glasses)