3D Photography Portfolio

The 3D Video Leeds Photography Portfolio


This 3D Porfolio, the photographic work of Pete Cuffe, 3D Video Artist, presents images in 3 useful formats to engage with the widest possible audience:


Animated Gifs - a gentle way for everyone to ascertain depth cues between the left and right eye images.


Side by Side - for 3D to be apprehended by people used to practicing the Freeview Cross Method.


Anaglyph - For viewing with (UK Standard) Red / Cyan Anaglyph Glasses


The Portfolio is continually updated, with the best 3D Photographic Images acquired. In co-ordination with Arts / Events producers the 3D Photographer aims to capture an evocative & immersive view of the subjects within each project.


3D Video Leeds is always on the look-out for collaborating with producers to increase the subject matter of the 3D Medium, so if you have a project or event that warrents being captured by our skilled 3D Photographer, then call 07910 353338 to discuss details.


Trinity Student Takeover 6th May 2014

Upto 25% Discount on the Retail Giants and must-have brands living at Trinity in Leeds, plus sign-ups for important life and leisure services: Healthy Living, Eating Out, Clubbing and Entertainment!


Student Takeover Portfolio 3D Photos


"Student Takeover +" The Best of the Rest - 3D Photoblog

3D Love & Tragedy: Greentop (Sheffield) Incubator Programme: Tech Dress & Final Show Jan 2014

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3D Blood Wedding Nov 2013

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