3D Video Making with St Augustines' Media Skills (Afterschool) Club

Both 3D Videos were entered in the prestigious Dimension 3 International Film Festival, in the Schools category. Turns out the 'Schools' category meant 'Film Schools'... and not Primary Schools. However Pete Cuffe, who showed the young people how to make the 3D Videos, attended the 'How to Produce & Sell your 3D Film /Documentary' 2 Day Masterclass in June in Paris 2012 with other international 3D content producers.

Cropped & Edited 3D Video Stills from the two 3D Videos Made: "The Beginning" & "Trick or Treat": Zombies & a Killer Clown!

Stereo Pairs for Cross-Eyed Free Viewing

The way of seeing these "Cross-Eyed" Side-By-Side 3D Stereo Pairs/Photos are described in the cross-eyed section of the Free-viewing entry given by Wikipedia:


"The cross-eyed view method uses the right and left images exchanged and views the images cross-eyed with the right eye viewing the left image and vice-versa."