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In A Galaxy Near You

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3D Comics Test Page Link
3D Portfolio Link
Camelot Link Camelot Training: 3 Team Deathball: " Protect the Queen!... ooooo too late!"
Humansect Link Rehearsals for Urban Angels' Humansect at Leftbank

The White Whale, Clarence Dock, Slung low Theatre Co.

The White Whale Link

Blackpool Roller Derby 15th July 2014

The Blackpool Roller Coaster's First Offical (and awesome) Bout!

Ghost Peloton  © NVA/Phoenix Dance Theatre Partnership

Ghost Peloton © NVA/Phoenix Dance Theatre Partnership

3D Portfolio latest: 3D Student Takeover

3D PhotoBlog latest: Trinity Student Takeover +

Tasty! ; )

"Twisted Indian Street Food" Link

Love & Tragedy

Click for this event's Portfolio up, Up & UP! "Love & Tragedy" , Greentop, Sheffield, January 2014. Link

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If you are unaccustomed to Seeing 3D <- A basic grounding

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