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The Good Book - Slung Low

Jan 2020: Officer in Slung Low's short film 'The Good Book'

w. James Phillips d. Alan Lane & Brett Chapman, set within the 'Camelot: The Shining City' (w. James Phillips) world.


Music Videos:

Mogwai: 'Coolverine'


The Amazons - 'Doubt It'


Club Kuru: 'Film Credits'


Coast To Coast: 'The Sun Is Dim'


Pete Cuffe Résumé
Performance Work and Information
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2020 Acting Work

Homeless God 'Statue' w&d Rhiannon Millard, Short Film

York Uni, Feb 2020


Bale 'Punishment Island' w&d Klára Siminova, Short Film

York Uni, Feb 2020


Actor in Northern Film School's Directing Workshops,

Leeds Beckett Uni 6th & 13th Feb 2020


Officer 'The Good Book' w. James Phillips d. Alan Lane, Short Film

Slung Low, Jan 2020

2019 Acting Work

Santa 'Lotherton Hall Christmas Experience' 

Leeds Breeze Team, Nov&Dec 2019


Live Audio:'Bob & Pete's Excellent Adventure' (8 Parts)

Friday's 10-12noon,

 Chiltern Voice Internet Radio, Sept, Oct, Nov 2019


Clarke English 'The Establishment' w&d Marcus Parker, Short Film

Northern Film School, Nov 2019


Diversi-Theatre (Theatre In Industry) d. Ken Taylor

National Centre of Diversity, Oct 2019


'Death and the Maiden', Dr Miranda, Stage

Margaret Connell, Hope Street Theatre (Liverpool), Sept 2019

'Wedding Day', Scotsman McDonalds TV Commercial, at 0.33-34 

Somesuch Agency, April 2019


'The Dentist', Dr Payne, Short Film

Georgia Frances, Leeds Art Uni, April 2019


'Save Our Snails', Richard, Short Film

Phil Knowles, Staffordshire Uni, March 2019


'Ashes', Cult Leader (Supporting In 80's video), Short Film

Jesse Gilbert-Downs, Northern Film School, March 2019


'Blinder', Father (Supporting), Short Film

Olivia Hallam, Lincoln University, March 2019


'Our Glorious Continent', Luka, Short Film

Tom Maynard, York Uni, March 2019


'The First Time Traveller', Dr Tarkin (Supporting), Short Film

Kira Duckwitz, York Uni, March 2019


'Club Kuru', Jungian Shadow, Music Video (Link Above)

Bad Films, Feb 2019


Untitled, Evil Man (Supporting), Video Art

Seren Oakley, Leeds Art University, Jan 2019


'Remembering Backwards', Alien Lecturer, Video Art

Simon Lewandowski, Fine Art Department, Leeds Uni, Jan 2019


2018 Tutor Work

3 Module Acting For Camera, Teens & Adults (Separate Classes) YAFTA, Oct 2018

2018 Acting Work

Santa 'Lotherton Hall Christmas Experience' 

Leeds Breeze Team, Nov&Dec 2018


'Connect', Featured Man, Video Art

Seren Oakley, Leeds Art University, Nov 2018



'Hero', Grandad Superhero, short Film

w&d Holly McClellan, Stoke University, Nov 2018



'Delilah', Repairman (Supporting), short Film

Cygnet Films, Lincoln University, Nov 2018


Zombie Scare Actor (Dawn of the Dead), Immersive Theatre 

Vintage Cinema, Hemel Hempstead, Oct 2018


'Books', Christian Zealot, short Film

Jesse Gilbert-Downs, Northern Film School, Oct 2018


'Racine', short Film

Jesse Gilbert-Downs, Northern Film School, Sept 2019



Various Roles, Directing Class

Northern Film School, Leeds Oct 2018

The Sun is Dim Today

'The Sun is Dim Today', Featured Man, Music Video

Coast To Coast, Anabasis Media, Sept 2018


'Thunderstruck', Lord Shiva, w&d Nick Clark, Theatre

Touring in North West 16th Sept-7th Oct 2018


Renewi - Cradle to Grave

'Renewi - Cradle to Grave'  Barry The Binman, short Film 

w&d Ben Davis, Strada Video/Wakefield County Council, August 2018



'Scars'  Lee (Supporting), short Film

w&d James Willis,Film MA University of York July 2018


Diversi-Theatre (Theatre In Industry) d. Ken Taylor

National Centre Of Diversity Oct & July 2018


The Juncture

'The Juncture'  Gerald (Supporting Actor), short Film 

w&d Emilio García Peña, Film MA University of York June 2018


The interview

'The Interview'  Oliver Brown (Principle Role), short Film

d. Pia Schuster, Northern Film School April 2018


'Indigo At Dawn'  Arsonist (Supporting Artist), short Film  

d. Matteo, Northern Film School March 2018


'A Mother's Touch'  Father (Supporting Actor), short Film 

w&d Michael Houghton, University of the Arts London Feb 2018

Chapel Allerton Short FF Audience Award


Completed 22 Scripted Speaking Roles in 22 video products. 

The Crew

Working with the Northern Film School ('The Crew', 'Where Were You' and 'Fatherhood Then') mostly short films, and a few Indie Movies, a Sci Fi Web Series.


And a Music Vid for Mogwai: 'Coolverine' 


Immersive Theatre at Lotherton Hall: The Christmas Experience 2017


Sept-Nov 2016

Working with Northern Film School with MA & BA Directing Students: Impro leading to scripted work.



Film, Tv & Web

Title Role,  'Philip -the (Sci Fi Web) Series', d. Jon Rourke, University of Bradford, Final Year Production, 

RTS Student Television Awards Nominee Best Drama 2018. 


Playing Ewan Burton, visiting Writer in 'The Pursuit of Normality'. July 2016

(Productions at various stages of Post)


Miner 1,  'A Piece Of Coal' d. Laura Toranbeek,

Indie Shorts


Evan Burton, Visiting Writer, 'The Pursuit of Normality' w&d Gage Oxley,

Six Degrees Films,  Indie Feature 


Sandow's Father, 'Sandow' w&d Alexander Cooper, 
Parallel Movies, Indie Feature 



Bruce (Father), 'Silvery Blue' d. Francesco Puppini 

Northern Film School (Short, Dec 2016)


Main Character, 'Bridgewater Street' w&d Ed Midgley, 
BowTie Productions;  (Short, June 2016)


Daniel (Father) 'The Broken Child' w&d James Ormsby, 

Ormsby Films (Short June 2016)



Police Commissioner, (Day player) 'The Talton Conspiracy' w&d Tony Lucas, 
(Indie Feature, May 2016)


Lloyd,  'Dumb Decisions' w&d Raza Mallel,
Talking Lens Productions, (Indie Short, Sept 2015)



Title Role, 'The Lover' w&d Andy Muscroft (Short, 1995)    

March 2016

Video Showreels / Unlisted Youtube Vids



'Lloyd': Excerpts from Talking Lens Productions 'Dumb Decisions' 





Evan Burton, giving Author's talk/masterclass to other Authors about his unique approach to character construction. 'The Pursuit of Normality' (Six Degrees Films).


Pete Cuffe Self-Tape 'Man's Best Friend' Audition.




Macbeth has just heard his wife, and co-conspirator, has died, on the eve of the deciding battle for absolute rule...


Prologue to Romeo & Juliet


Humphrey wants to encourage the Minister to think he has some influence, despite the way the system is designed to completely tie his hands... (Yes, Minister)

And I am quite active!

Other Info

Studied Drama at Bretton Hall (Leeds University) graduating  with BA Hons in Theatre Arts


Roles in Student Adapted Plays: 

'Sir': The Dresser by Ronald Harwood,

Death: Mort by Terry Prachett

Title Role: The Outsider by Albert Camus

Spock: Star Trek 'The Cage'

Various Roles: Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess

Shakespeare Festival: Montague & Stage Manager for Romeo & Juliet

The Doctor: Commedia dell'arte Project

Participant in various extra-curricula Dance Projects

Directed 'Elsinor' Adapted version of Hamlet By W. Shakespeare


After Bretton

I worked for a time in Film & TV as an Assistant Grip, and left to run my own 1-man-band Video outfit, working mainly in the Arts & Events sector in Leeds. I am experienced with Scripting, Storyboarding, Camera work, Directing and Editing.


Moving on from this I specialised in 3D (Stereoscopic) Video Making (Hence this site, which is now mainly given over to 3D Photo Projects)


Apart from taking 3D Photos, and developing other 3D stereoscopic products I work in with local charities tutoring young peple in making movie products, some of which win awards! I am a Leeds City Council Artforms registered 'Film Artist in Schools' and have Enhanced CRB and DBS.


I am currently attending auditions and pursuing more Acting work